Castles of Germany + Quizlet set

Updated: Jul 2

Guten Morgen, meine Freunde,

Remarkably beautiful, they stand tall in the mountains and overlook the valley in case an intruder is coming - castles of Germany are the local attractions in different parts of Germany. In Moselle Valley, you may visit one of the oldest castles: the Eltz castle was built in the 11th century. Despite such a respectable age, it has never been destroyed in battle!


In Bavaria, you will see the famous castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Built in the 19th century, Neuschwanstein Schloss is your classical example of a castle, with its airy towers, narrow windows, and a picturesque gateway. Take a look:

Source: AWL Images RM/Getty Images.

There is so much more castles that will strike your imagination in Germany. I hope you can visit it one day!


Here is your set of Quizlet flascards for this week's game, based on the information in this article. See you on Friday!


Ms. Anna.


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