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Fairy tales of the Black Forest

Besides popular and well-visited sightseeings of Berlin and breathtaking castles, Germany is remarkable for its nature. Tall, dark fir trees of Schwarzwald, or the Black Forest, got its name because of the little light that reaches tree roots there. Once upon a time, the brothers Grimm walked in the Black Forest and recorded the stories local folks told them.

Even nowadays it gives an impression of the place where dwarves, elves, and gremlins can be encountered. It is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, and is another well-known tourist destination thanks to the multiple legends about the Black Forest.

Devil's bridge at Bergpark WilhelmsHöhe:


Many stories were told and written since then where the Black Forest is one of the main characters. German folklore creatures, good and bad, live in hollow trees and appear from nowhere before an inquiring traveler. Through stories that were passed from generation to generation, German people tried to explain the mysterious nature of thick wild forests where travelers, wood cutters, mushroom hunters lost their way or life to wild animals, and warn young people to not repeat their fate and to avoid going to the Black Forest alone.

"A Heart of Stone" tells us about a sixteen-year-old boy who went to the Black Forest attracted by the legend of the Little Glass-man who can fulfill any of your wishes. Eventually he would find the Little Glass-man deep in the forest, but will it do any good for the boy?

It is one of the many fairy tales written by Wilhelm Hauff, German poet and novelist of the 19th century. Read the fairy tale here and tell us what you think about it: A Heart of Stone

Would you want to visit Schwarzwald one day, why or why not?


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