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Fun Friday: KikoRiki!

Hello, friends! Привет, друзья!

My today's recommendation for Fun Fridays is a Russian animated cartoon called KikoRiki. It features cute round animal friends (in Russian they are called SmeSHARiki, from Shar - sphere) that live in the Daisy Valley and enjoy everyday adventures!

Each friend has their own talent: Pin makes robots, Dokko (Losyash) is a scientist and an inventor, Wally (Barash) is a creative thinker and a poet, Barry is a farmer and a gardener. Usually it is Krosh and Chiko (Yozhik) who cause trouble in an otherwise peaceful Daisy Valley, and Carlin (Kar Karych), Rosa (Nyusha) and Olga (Sovunya) have to help them out!


This cartoon is easy to find online, and new seasons include more specialized topics:

Pin Code: a series about the past and future scientific inventions, as well as complex scientific topics explained in plain words;

The ABCs of Safety: short cartoons with KikoRiki about traffic rules, health, everyday safety, and lately, digital safety;

New Adventures: a series of 3D shorts starring the original characters of the Daisy Valley. I attached one episode of New Adventures for you to get familiar with KikoRiki, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Happy Friday and see you next week for more exciting posts on learning foreign languages!

Watch KikoRiki New Adventures "The Rise of the Machine" here:


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