Fun Friday: What To Watch?

Continuing the week of Russian language, I asked around about Russian movies for teenagers, that would be fun to watch and that can be found in English. While there is tons of great movies in Russian for all ages, the latter - finding them in English - is probably the hardest part. But then I heard about the Black Lightning...


This story has everything. You will see how a student who lives an ordinary life and does not have means to impress anyone, let alone a girl he has feelings for, becomes a hero saving Moscow people. It all happened when his dad gives him a car that can...FLY?

What can go wrong with flying the car around Moscow delivering flowers? Except for his boss getting suspicious that his delivery driver has superpowers! Well someone else seems to want to have this car no matter what.

English trailer:

Watch this action/fantasy movie with elements of comedy and let me know how you liked it. Now straight to the question: where do I watch it? There is a resource with Russian movies that will allow you to choose subtitles in English. The Black Lightning was even dubbed! So choose how you want to watch it, and enjoy. They will let you see the first 20 minutes of it, then the access for one day costs $5 (unlimited movies):

P. S. Want to hear a life hack? Visit your local library and head to the international movies section. The chances are that you will be able to find a movie or two. If you happen to live in a big city, then you will definitely have a number of genres to choose from! What is one Russian movie that you watched lately?

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