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Fun Fridays: Movie review for Little Nicholas/Le Petit Nicolas

Bonjour, mes amis,

Do you like watching movies like I do? Movies in original, with the unique intonations and charisma of actors, subtle humor that is not easily translated, and subtitles are one of my favorite ways to learn a foreign language. No need to leave the comfort of your home to have a look at what life is like in Paris when you are only nine and parents are plotting something terrible... Today you will see why I'd recommend you to start your journey into le cinéma français 🎬 with the Little Nicholas, or Le Petit Nicolas movie.

Source: Wildbunch

This is a family-friendly comedy about a 9-year-old boy who, just like their kids of his age, go to school, have friends, listen to parents most of the time, and like shenanigans. Life is good! But then Nicholas begins to notice something weird in the way mom and dad behave... Do they plan something terrible? What can be worse than to have a little brother? Oh no, this would mean that his parents would have a new baby and probably even get rid of Nicholas!!! His best friends are on his side, they give Nicholas survival tips: better hide your toys, consider that it's all over... But Nicholas is not going to give up this easily, and is looking to raise money and find a gangster to help with the baby...

Do you think Nicholas will be able to find a gangster? Will parents know? What if little Nicholas's plan won't work, and the baby arrives no matter what?

I hope that you will watch this sweet and adorable comedy and enjoy this story of how little Nicholas came to terms with his parents, friends, and someone else... Happy Friday!

Watch the trailer of the movie:

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