Fun Fridays: What To Watch?

Bonjour, mes amis!

Will you travel to Paris with me? I would like you to meet my old friend Quasimodo. He is an unusual person in all of his ways: he is not tall, rather, he is very short; he is not cute, rather, people used to stare at him on the streets and point fingers at his hunchback... So he stopped going out of his room at the very top of the cathedral called Notre Dame de Paris (we heard about it already, didn't we?), and devoted his life to taking care of the cathedral and ringing bells of Notre Dame. Who knew that one day, the same day that he had to go to the city, there will be a street performance by a talented girl! Her name is Esmeralda, and she could dance as if the ground under her feet was lava and fire, and her little goat could perform tricks!

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However, you can tell that life of a street dancer is not at all rosy and peaceful. Soon, she becomes a main character in a chain of unfortunate events, and Quasimodo is the only person to not follow the crowd and believe her...

The movie is made after a book with the same title by Victor Hugo, a French writer and poet of the 19th century. He is well-respected in France and the world for his poetry and the depth with which he portrayed people's internal struggle in fantastic worlds of his novels. His Romantic novels tell us about people in old France as if they were real. Why did people in Paris stare at Quasimodo? What would they assume of him as a person based on how he looks? What did his actions towards Esmeralda tell us about his character?

If you saw this Disney musical before, you would probably want to re-watch it to answer these questions. What was your favorite scene in the movie? Share with us in the comments section! For those who did not see "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" yet, I will only say that it is voted to be one the 10 best Disney movies of all times✨

You can find it on Disney Plus, YouTube Movies, Hulu, and Netflix. In the meantime, here is the trailer to it:

Enjoy your Friday, mes chers amis, and we will be back next week with more posts and videos about foreign languages!

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