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News from Zürich🌐

Zürich is a mid-sized city of 402,000 people on the Lake Zürich in Switzerland. In Switzerland, there are four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh, but in Zürich people speak German.

Zürich is known for its financial centers, and chocolates. If you like Toblerone, you know what an ordinary Swiss chocolate tastes like. Finest chocolate is to be found here, and the chocolate boutique stores line up along the Limmat river at the city center. This is where you learn that it takes over one year to make a fine Zürich truffle!

Source: The Guardian

Zürich is also a transportation hub of Switzerland, where millions of people go to their destinations by railways, roads, and air. The biggest and busiest airport and railway station in Switzerland are located in Zürich. Today's story comes from the redesigned city trolleys that look like this now:


City trolleys are redesigned to remind people to wear a face covering in public. The big headline reads in German: "It fits not only the nose of cobra: wear a mask in buses and trolley cars". Knowing that Zürich railway station is used by 500 thousand people on a regular day, you'd better wear a proper face covering in the crowd. I'd also try to avoid the rush hour there! Would you want to go to Zürich one day?🚆

What are the places where you can be asked to wear a mask lately? Do you have your own mask now? Does it have a special design?

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