What are circus monkeys paid?

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From today's article you will get to know more about an exciting performance art of circus.

If you like comedy, tricks, and action, you probably like circus. Circus is a big part of world culture and exists for thousands of years - since ancient Rome - and still attracts and fascinates millions of people. A long time ago, traveling performers would set up a round pavilion and a stage, or simply set camp on the city's main square and show tricks in gymnastics, juggling, or stilt walking that made their viewers gasp in amazement. It is worth noting that tricks with wild animals is a relatively recent addition to circus arts: the first recorded performance happened in France of 19th century when a performer walked into a tiger's cage. One of the greatest traveling circuses that perform nowadays originate in Canada.

Source: Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is now well-known for their bright, unforgettable performances that open welcome viewers to their fantastic worlds. If you did not have a chance to go to their performances, they moved it online into 60-minute specials this year. This Friday at 3 p.m. they will release a show inspired by the world of Avatar:


Otherwise, you can find a live-action kids show about a boarding school to learn circus arts! Kids perform acrobatic tricks and aspire to become professional circus artists. Watch "The Big Top Academy" and share with us how you liked it!

To answer the question I posted in the headline of the article: What are circus monkeys paid?, we will have to go to an old French expression Gagner des cacahuètes, or "to make peanuts". Now, did you guess what circus monkeys are paid for their hard work? Peanuts, of course :) And this French idiom literally means "to receive very little money for hard work".

Are you a big fan of circus? Why or why not?

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