Tomorrow's game and mini-lessons☀️

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The school is on hold - it's summer! But does it mean that we have to give up on games and learning? Not at all!

I made new videos for you with the French topic of the week - Colors, and the German topic of the week - Family. Both can be found on the Members page when you sing in your account on Holistic Lessons. They will help you get ready for tomorrow's game!

German learners: we will meet at 9:30AM - as we usually do! I will post the code here 10 minutes before the game so make sure that you are ready with your vocabulary for the family in German. Sorry, no Zoom for us at this time, but I am looking forward to playing with you tomorrow!


Code (German): 25907

French learners: let's meet at 10AM for a game of GimKit! I will update this post with the link and the code tomorrow 10 minutes before the game. Practice your colors in French, and I will see you tomorrow for a round of GimKit!


Code (French): not posted yet.

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