Unusual words and expressions in German

Guten Morgen, meine Freunde,

I am happy to see you on the website again! I had a week off due to unplanned traveling, and collected a few amusing expressions in German for you.

Germans are known for their logic. It is reflected even in the ways they use their language. Sometimes German words can be a bit long to comprehend. This is why I broke new German words into several parts with translation. Here we go!

1. What a great way to call a squid: in German it sounds as Tintenfisch, from Tinte - ink, and fisch - fish. It is hard to argue that a squid, who releases blueish-black ink into water when scared or chased, is literally an "ink fish"!

2. Another animal got a curious name by reminding Germans of an armored toad. Can you guess what animal it is? No? Turtle was also surprised by the name it got in German: Schildkröte! Schild meaning shield, and Kröte - toad, literally translates as an "armored toad". Why turtles that are reptiles were called after toads that are amphibians is a story for another time...

3. Aside from animals, Germans came up with hilarious definitions for inventions, such as bulbs. When light bulbs became part of their everyday reality, they needed a new word for it. Why not calling it a "glowing pear", or Glühbirne, right? Glüh means glowing, Birne - pear. Makes sense!

4. When Germans talk about headlights, they will call it "light throwers", or Scheinwerfer. Very descriptive and easy to remember.

5. Finally, when the Wright brothers of North Carolina invented first airplanes, Germans were pressed to give a name to this previously unknown machine. They did not spend much time pondering over it, and called it Flugzeug, a "flying stuff", where Flug means flying, and Zeug - stuff or thing.

Source: Fishki.net.

«Alle guten Einfälle sind einfach» - All good ideas are simple, and German is a perfect language to illustrate this concept. Learn German with Holistic Lessons and have fun!

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