Your first words in Russian on Quizlet 🇷🇺

Privyet, druzya! Привет, друзья! Hi, friends! Now you can say it in Russian :)

Russian language uses a different alphabet from English, French, or Spanish - it is called Kirilliza, or cyrillic alphabet. Some letters are similar, and some look very different from what we see in other languages. Historically, languages such as Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, - to name a few, - were very close and had common roots in ancient Greece.

But don't lose hope: if you know Greek, Russian language is very easy to learn 😀

Here is your first set of Quizlet flashcards to learn a few basic words in Russian. They are short and have pronunciation but make sure that you start with the Learn mode to hear how the speaker pronounces words. Once you get used to the unusual spelling of Russian, you may want to explore Match or Gravity modes!

Quizlet set of flashcards

I also started recording mini-lessons about Russia. THey can be found in the Members section of the website. Log in with your email and scroll down to the videos about Russia. Let me know if you have questions or need help!


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